You are online, the government is offline: Ashok Chavan

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BJP has only created a factory of slogans.

Villagers asking us replace EVMs with paper ballots!

Malegaon: (PR)
“You are online, the government is offline,” claimed Maharashtra Pradesh Congress Committee President Ashok Chavan at a rally in Malegaon as part of the ongoing state-wide Jan Sangharsh Yatra.
At a time where taxes are being levied on water drawn from wells, electricity bills are rising at unprecedented levels, and farmers are facing massive water shortages, this government is making them wait in lines for days to get their money, Chavan added.

“Register online to sell your cotton or your pulses. Apply for farm loan waivers online. But get your money only after you wait in line ten times!” Chavan said. “Is this the Digital India we were promised?”
The Congress party’s Jan Sangharsh Yatra aims exposing the false promises of the BJP-Sena government at the grassroots level across Maharashtra. Currently in its second phase, covering North Maharashtra, the Yatra is an assertion of the Congress’ commitment towards the welfare of the people of the state.

Reiterating the demand for an immediate declaration of drought in North Maharashtra and Marathwada, Chavan hit out at state Revenue Minister Chandrakant Patil for being unable to deliver on his promises of drought relief for distressed farmers.
“Grape, pomegranate, corn and onion farmers are suffering in Nashik. Tankers are needed only a few weeks after the monsoons have ended,” Chavan said.
“This situation is only going to get worse,” Chavan added while hitting out at the Devendra Fadnavis-led government for being responsible for a sharp rise in farmer suicides. “How many more farmers will lose their lives before this government declares a drought?”
Bringing up the impact of demonetization on small and medium enterprises, Chavan said that Malegaon’s power looms had collapsed because of the irresponsible policies of the government. He argued that the BJP had only created a “factory of slogans.”
“Make in India, Start Up India. Now will this government instruct citizens – Stand Up India, Sit Down India,” Chavan asked.
As elections were announced in five states across the country, Chavan said that there was deep suspicion about the use of EVMs across the country.
“Every village we go to, chits are sent to the stage from the audience asking us replace EVMs with paper ballots,” Chavan said. “Despite all opposition parties supporting this demand, the government has refused to take any action.”
Asking all parties opposed to the BJP’s divisive and communal politics to come together, Chavan asserted that alliance talks were underway.
“We are talking to all like-minded parties. We are confident of building an alliance that can defeat this government in 2019,” he said