HD channels in India: Tata Sky offers the most number of HD channels, followed by Airtel Digital TV

The Direct to Home (DTH) Services landscape has progressively changed in the last couple of months. It has transformed from a somewhat affordable option to get access to TV channels to a highly competitive industry. The turning point for the shift came when TRAI issued a new regulatory framework. This new framework was meant to ensure ease of use, and more choices for DTH subscribers at an affordable rate. This framework was also meant to offer more control over what a user wants to subscribe to, in terms of channels.

The framework has achieved some success when we look back at its initial objectives. Ever since the enforcement, DTH subscribers have more control of what channels they can opt-in for. This control has resulted in a majority of subscribers saving on the total amount of money that they were paying. The process to subscribe is not exactly easy as one has to follow some steps to set things up. If you want to figure out how to make modifications to the channels you subscribe you can follow our guides. All the players in the industry have pulled up their socks to try and offer the cheapest plan out there.

DTH Services: Details about the most number of HD channels

However, there are a number of other considerations for subscribers who are not singularly focused on pricing. According to TelecomTalk, subscribers also focus on the quality of service, customer support, and more. In addition to these factors, some also look at the most HD channels that a DTH service provides offers. The report went about stating that there are “up to 100” HD channels on different DTH services in total. It also revealed that Tata Sky offers the most number of HD channels, 92 for the ones counting.

The report further reveals that 40 of the 100 channels are General Entertainment Channels (GEC), and three are news. 10 are sports channels, and 11 are infotainment channels. Airtel Digital TV is the second in line to offer the most number of HD channels with a count of 84. Sun Direct DTH service is third in the list. It focuses on channels catering to South India with 65 total HD channels.


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